Urban Mission Work Camp STL

Urban Mission Work Camp St. Louis

Our program is a mission camp experience in the St. Louis area with its great agencies, vital ministries, entertainment options and a wonderful mix of diverse people and situations. We believe whole-heartedly that the mission experience enables high school and college-age youth to see and feel The Word come alive through direct involvement and study of urban mission projects. Please see our detailed website including photos at www.stlurbanmissions.org or call Duane Mazzacavallo at (314) 497-2384 for more information. We strive to provide non-traditional work experiences with Partners such as:   The SoulFisher Ministries: Summer tutoring program for Ferguson area youth. Feedback from a Work Camp Group Leader: This was a favorite among our youth! They loved having the opportunity to interact so directly with the children. This site is well-organized and very welcoming. We were seamlessly added to the group and given the green-light to help in any way that we could. As a result, the youth could make instant and meaningful connections with many of the children. St. Louis County Problem Properties Unit: Helps restore neighborhoods by cleaning up eyesore properties. Feedback from a Work Camp Group Leader: What a great time! I would highly recommend working with this group. This was a more labor-intensive site than some of the others, which was a perfect change of pace for some of our youth. The crew which we worked with was wonderful. They did a great job of helping to acclimate us to the work we would be doing. They also helped to provide us with a lot of helpful contextual realities of the neighborhoods in Ferguson. EarthDance Farms: Organic Farm located in Ferguson. Feedback from a Work Camp Group Leader: This was a favorite among our youth! This was a new experience for most of our youth, so they appreciated having the opportunity to do something totally new and completely different than the typical mission work they are used to. EarthDance did a fantastic job of orienting our youth to the entire facility, offering a detailed and thorough orientation. EarthDance really was wonderful to work with. That did a fantastic job of making the sure felt involved and useful, while also being sure to help guide them along the way.