Faith in Ferguson is an inclusive church that welcomes all to come, learn, grow, and connect with us through Jesus Christ.


Most frequent questions and answers

During this time of uncertainty we have remained strong.  We are still learning, but we are trying us technology to have live and recorded worship services.

As the situation changes the Church will continue to update the community.

Faith in Ferguson welcomes all who would like to learn about the love of the Lord.  We focus on growing and connecting with Christ as we discover our own journeys. 

Yes, it is important to us to include every member of the community especially our little ones.  During each worship service we include Time with Children specifically for them.

* These are the sacraments and ceremonies preformed at our church.  However, due to our current situation with COVID-19 and the need to social-distance we are unable to participate in the traditional manners.


The Sacraments


As Presbyterians, we believe baptism is a special activity, called a sacrament, put into practice by Jesus. Candidates for Holy Baptism at First Presbyterian Church include: (1) infants or children born to members or prospective members of the congregation; or (2) adults who, after adequate preparation and instruction, declare their faith in Jesus and their desire for baptism. 


Communion is offered several times throughout the year, during worship services.



The confirmation program is completed by our youth and we hope that the youth will make the commitment to become members of the church.

Weddings Weddings at Faith in Ferguson are performed for members, family, and friends of the congregation.

Funerals, Memorial Services, and Gifts

We honor our members, family, and friends with funerals and memorial services.