Trinity Sunday- June 7, 2020

Trinity Sunday- June 7, 2020

A time for us to celebrate the revelation that God is three distinct beings

Trinity Sunday is a time for us to celebrate the revelation that God is three distinct beings,  but are one in purpose and will.  The Trinity represents for us God’s, mystery and God’s revealing of God’s innermost being.  A divine dance of equal partners move as one to bring life together in a inclusive circle of love.  In talking about these texts Steve and i discussed their meaning in a world torn apart by inequality and pain.  We both believe we are living in a God moment to heal the hurt that has been caused by inequality and a history of racism that continues to unravel our lives.  

In watching the Tom Hanks portrayal of Fred Rogers in a recent film open up an insight that gives me hope. The film revolves around Mr. Rogers and a young married father who is ordered to interview Mr. Rogers.  The young man is angry and is slowly unraveling,  due to family trauma of the past, that continues to fester the hurt and pain.  Mr. Rogers sees the pain and tries to guide him through it.  The young man refuses his guidance and through a series of family interactions is on the verge of destroying his life.  He sadly realizes that he is lost and Mr Rogers guides him to recovering his true self, broken but ready to redeem his past.  In a conversation with the young man, Mr. Rogers tells him “what can be mentioned can be managed and what is mentionable is manageable”.  Wise words that can guide through our crisis that confronts us.  Such healing requires us to confront the past, to mention our present and to see and name what is before us.  When we do this in ways that invite us to listen, understand and to reconcile then we have hope of joining God in the divine dance of the new creation.

Steve Langford and  I recorded a chat using the texts for Trinity Sunday.


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